13 March 2018

Dj Krush

Wednesday, July 4th – Théâtre de la Mer

For those who grew up with the Ninja Tune, Source and MO’WAX releases, Krush will always be one of the great masters of a movement that journalists have quickly tagged “Trip Hop”. Wayback then Krush had the full panoply of the artist we loved to follow and cherish : a pure & minimalist approach to Hip Hop, the imagery and visuals he used for his releases were unique and as for his street credibility; Rumors had it that KRUSH was a retired repentant Yakuza ! This Wednesday, July 4th Dj Krush will represent the Japanese side of hip hop & with his typical minimal take on it who has made his success.




Pour ceux qui ont grandi avec les sorties Ninja Tune, Source et Mo’Wax, Krush restera toujours un des grands maitres d’un mouvement en marge que les journalistes ont rapidemment taggé « Trip Hop ». Krush avait la panoplie complète de l’artiste qu’on aimé suivre et aduler à l’époque : un style épuré voir minimaliste dans son approche du hip-hop , une imagerie et des visuels de dingues , et pour la street credibility ; la rumeur qui affirmait que Krush était un ancien Yakuza repenti…