Dearest Friends,

Many of you have been worried for some time about the current situation and its impact on the Worldwide Festival. We have been working and thinking about all the possibilities, and given the uncertainty of the evolution of the situation in the weeks to come, we have decided to postpone our 15th edition to July 2021, from 2nd to 10th exactly.

It is an extremely difficult and painful decision, but it is our responsibility not to take any risks for the health of our audience, our artists and our teams. We also cannot afford to wait until the last moment to make a decision whose impact would be negative for many of our festival-goers. We want to be as transparent as possible, an honest, we owe it to you because you are our family. For real!

We will try to do everything in our means to offer you something as soon as the situation gets better, don’t we all need it! Imagine a year without seeing each other, even a weekend seems impossible to you.

This exceptional situation places the festival and the company that organizes it in a very delicate position. However, we will do everything in our power to offer you the most memorable Worldwide Festival in a year, and to celebrate its 15th anniversary with dignity.

Tickets purchased for the 2020 edition are automatically valid for 2021. For those who would prefer a refund, please contact

For logistical and administrative reasons, reimbursement requests will be taken into account between 13 April 2020 and 03 July 2020. We will ask you for a little patience and indulgence. The Worldwide Festival is a small structure, and requests will be dealt with personally. We also appeal to your solidarity. We know that what is happening is also having consequences for all of you.

However, you can request a partial refund of your initial order so that the amount of your choice is left to support the Festival. We will be very grateful to you for this gift and you will help this great adventure to continue. For those who would like to support the Worldwide Festival, we are launching an online kitty to collect donations that will allow us to get through this ordeal with a little less difficulty.

This message is the most difficult that we have had to write in 15 years, but our reunion will be all the more beautiful.   In the meantime, take care of yourself and respect the health regulations, we will need you all in great shape in July 2021.