WF 2023 Line Up

Another Taste live

Another Taste liveDE/NL


5 JULY 23 @ TDM

Another Taste. Is it boogie? Is it 70’s funk? Obscure disco? Or an ode to Burgess? It’s neither and it’s all. Indefinable yet universal. Being responsible for several releases on the Space Grapes imprint (Mad Honey, GALXTC, Jambonne), Another Taste reinvents itself with every release to bring people together in delight. Let the vibe of this eclectic collective serve you Another Taste.

Aroop Roy dj

Aroop Roy djUK



Aroop Roy is a London-based DJ, producer and label head, who blends together the electronic edge of House, Disco and broken beat with the soulful sounds of Afro, Latin, Funk and Jazz.

“I didn’t realize just how good a DJ Aroop is until we played together here. He is a ridiculously skilled selector and musically able to move in any direction with ease. It was a privilege and a pleasure to play with him. ” Mr Scruff

Clémentine dj

Clémentine djFR


4 JULY 23 @ LA OLA

Clementine is a young Parisian DJ whose selections move between Modern Soul and Disco. Co-director of the label Chuwanaga records alongside Saint-James & she also hosts her radio show Mellow Madness on LYL Radio.
Clementine never stops sharing her passion for velvety grooves in clubs and festivals.

Cortex live

Cortex liveFR+US


5 JULY 23 @ TDM

Cortex is an obscure but incredible French jazz group from the 70’s that’s been a favorite of funky collectors for years!
In 1974, Alain Mion, Alain Gandolfi & Jeff Huttner formed the mythical band, Cortex, who then recorded several LPs, including the legendary Troupeau Bleu. Troupeau Bleu, recorded in 2 days in july 1975, is a real musical U.F.O, an unclassifiable record, a mixing of thousand flavours, the kind of records you will discover listening after listening. The result is a stunning electric groove with a feeling that’s really fresh, nice and warm, and funky in all the right parts!

Danilo Plessow aka MCDE dj

Danilo Plessow aka MCDE djDE



Danilo Plessow, DJ and Producer, is known for his broad musical knowledge marked by a vast collection of vinyls combining rarity, diversity and discovery.
He is also known as a great technician on the turntables.
He has released a variety of musical genres, such as Ambient, Broken Beat, House (under the name of Motor City Drum Ensemble) or techno.
Several of his compilations such as “DJ Kicks” (on !K7), “Selectors” (on Dekmantel) or “Fabric presents” prove it.

Dexter Wansel live

Dexter Wansel liveUSA


8 JULY 23 @ TDM

Dexter Wansel is a genious American keyboardist, we find his “touch” on a plethora of “disco funk” productions from the 70’s and 80’s – he is one of the people responsible for the “Phillie Sound” and he participated in the albums of artists like The Jacksons, Patti Labelle, Grover Washington JR, Lou Rawls…

He has been sampled by Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, J Cole, Eric B and Rakim, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Kim, Ice-T and Ice Cube.

Donna Leake dj

Donna Leake djUK


8 JULY 23 @ TDM

Charmed by the eclecticism of London, she equipped herself with a very wide but no less sharp palette such as jazz, afro, soul or rock sounds wich quickly ignited her audience, as witnessed by her Boiler Room for Dekmantel. In addition to this, her remarkable residency at NTS Radio offers her a place of choice in the heart of the capital and makes her an ultra popular DJ on the program of many international festivals..

Erlend Oye & La Comitiva live

Erlend Oye & La Comitiva liveNORWAY / ITALIA


7 JULY 23 @ TDM

Erlend Øye, singer and guitarist of the band The Whitest Boy Alive and co-founder of the label Bubble Records, he also forms with Erik Glambek Bøe the duo Kings of Convenience. Involved in various collaborations on the electronic, indie folk and indie pop stages, Erlend Øye has a repertoire filled with diversity.

Erlend Øye & La Comitiva was born from the meeting in Sicily of the Norwegian artist Erlend Øye with three musicians and singers.

Erlend Øye & La Comitiva takes us to a warm live performance that combines bossa nova and Sicilian traditions with ukelele, piano, guitar and wind instruments.

Gilles Peterson dj

Gilles Peterson djUK+FR


5 JULY 23 @ TDM

We no longer need to introduce Gilles Peterson, our “Mister Loyal” in chief, conductor of the Worldwide Festival which he has masterfully led for more than fifteen years, we can never thank him enough for having introduced us to a long list of talents now recognized worldwide and who took their first step in France in Sete – thanks to him and the WF: EZRA Collective, James Blake, BCUC, 4tet and Floating Points, HAAi, JAMZ Supernova, or even Lefto… Thank you Gillou

Gones dj

Gones djFR


4 JULY 23 @ LA OLA

We believe that Gones is one of the best french djs of the last two decades, gifted with an irreproachable technique and especially with a huge collection of records, Gones is one of the specialists of the most interesting black music on the scene: from Jazz to House, from Disco to Broken Beat.

Izco dj

Izco djUK


5 JULY 23 @ TDM

DJ and Producer IZCO’s output reflects his roots, a Hackney upbringing immersed in a mix of Grime, Garage, and Jungle. With big releases on our label, sets at our shows, and a weekly slot on Rinse, we’re big fans and are backing his fresh, authentic sound.

Jamz Supernova dj

Jamz Supernova djUK


7 JULY 23 @ TDM

JAMZ supernova Dj, Broadcaster and Label Owner, carries with her the colours of the new generation of London Dj’s. In 2018, she founded the FUTURE BOUNCE label, signing emerging talents from her world, including Melle Brown, Ted Jasper, Swsh, Joe Turner and Tungz. Originally from South East London her sets are marked by her heritage of Jamaican, Irish and Cuban influences through dancefloor riddims, kuduro, ldancehall, UK funk. An accomplished DJ and mother, she has graced the mainstage of festivals such as East Village, Sonar and Boiler Room Fest and is now making a name for herself on BB6 with her monthly Radio Show. Get ready for an avalanche of colourful riddim on the stage of  Theatre de la Mer!

K Lone dj

K Lone djUK



K-Lone is part of the young guard of UK djs/producers who no longer limit themselves to one style of music, but use all the latest UK underground trends to make a mix of influences cleverly dosed according to their preferred influences.

Director of the Wisdom Teeth, Wych & Sweet N Tasty label, he releases eclectic music ranging from UK Techno, UKG, Dubstep and House on his own labels as well as on Idle Hands, Soundman Chronicles, Dr Banana & Banoffee Pies.

Kahil El’Zabar’s Tribute to Don Cherry live

Kahil El’Zabar’s Tribute to Don Cherry liveUSA


7 JULY 23 @ TDM

World class musician and composer, Kahil El’Zabar’s appeared on the jazz scene in the 70’s in Chicago Illinois, a mythical city for spiritual jazz and free jazz. He founded there the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble. He is also part of the contemporary jazz group Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio. He organizes great events that bring together art, music and fashion!

Lil’ Minx, Sarah Sweeney & Vanessa Freeman (Eve’s Drop Collective dj)

Lil’ Minx, Sarah Sweeney & Vanessa Freeman (Eve’s Drop Collective dj)UK



EVE’S DROP COLLECTIVE is a collective of 16 women (DJ/Selectors, MCs, singers & musicians) from UK who share a passion for groovy music with a mission to encourage all women to express themselves whether behind the decks, on stage with a mic or instruments…

Lefto Early Bird dj

Lefto Early Bird djBE



Musician, Lefto never stops creating mixes of styles that take us into a musical palette combining jazz, rap, house and many others! He constantly reinvents himself and never stops exploring musical people, especially through his residency at Kiosk Radio.

Expect cool beats, groovy breaks and many rare gems from his huge vinyl collection.

Luke Una dj

Luke Una djUK


8 JULY 23 @ TDM

After moving to Manchester in the 80’s, he met Justin Crawford and created Electric Chair, an underground cult party, as well as the Croatian festival Electric Elephant, which pays tribute to their wild eclecticism, from Balearic to Brazilian music, through soul, house, disco and techno.
Also very involved in the LGBTQ community in Manchester, he created the Homoelectric night and the Homobloc festival.
Today, Luke remains at the forefront of the music scene, combining the Manchester heritage of the 80’s and 90’s with what today’s club communities need to thrive.


The Mighty Zaf dj

The Mighty Zaf djNL



The Mighty Zaf, DJ, draws his inspiration from 70’s disco and soul music with influences from Indian and rock music.

He has been the partial manager/owner of Reckless Records in Soho for 17 years, and is constantly collecting vinyl records and taking an interest in all styles of music.

muva Of Earth live

muva Of Earth liveUK


8 JULY 23 @ TDM

The London-based soul singer, muva of Earth, offers us a hallucinogenic live performance between alt-jazz and neo-soul. She explores the complexities of human identity in her music while drawing on her Nigerian Yoruba heritage and new-age influences.

Co-founder of Babylon Chantdown, she organizes numerous musical events in London that promote healing through music, art, movement and poetry.

Nana Benz du Togo live

Nana Benz du Togo liveTOGO


7 JULY 23 @ TDM

Nana Benz du Togo was formed in Lomé, Togolese capital, after meeting Peter Solo, Voodoo Game’s singer.
This quintet, composed of three females singers and two musicians delivers compositions of songs inherited from voodoo rituals coupled with afro funk rythms played on handmade instruments!

The band wishes to shake up the patriarchal African society and militate for the equality of women and men in music!

NCY Milky Band dj

NCY Milky Band djFR


4 JULY 23 @ LA OLA

Originally from Nancy (France), NCY MILKY BAND is the project of 20something Louis Treffel and the BMM Backing band. Influences range from Mount Kimbie, BBNG, Thundercat mixed with 70’s french soundtrack producers JJ Perrey or Michel Colombier.

100ANS (one hundred years). Their first album had been warmly received by “connaisseurs” and the single “Burn’IN” was on heavy rotation on FIP, Radio Nova, Radio Meuh..With Their new album “100ANS” they are reaching the stratosphere and the reactions are already awesome !

Night Dreamer presents : Charlie Stacey feat. Vula Malinga live

Charlie Stacey feat. Vula Malinga liveUK / USA


The 6 JULY 23 @ TDM

One of the UK’s leading keys players, Charlie Stacey improvisational skills are unmatched. Known for his work with Yussef Dayes and fellow Tomorrow Warriors alumni such as Moses Boyd and The Ezra Collective. Stacey’s technical prowess and ability to jump between genres has quietly gained the young pianist a reputation as one of the most advanced players around.

Charles Stacey will be performing on stage with Vula Malinga, also known as Vula, is a British singer/songwriter who started developing her own music under her own record label DivaGeek Records. Vula has collaborated with various artists including Adele, Dizzee Rascal, Beverly Knight, Sam Sparro, Bugs in the Attic, Nate James and Kano & Ty.

Islandman feat. Okay Temiz & Muhlis Berberoglu

Islandman feat. Okay Temiz & Muhlis Berberoglu – TURKEY

BALEARIC FOLKTRONICA meets percussion genius

The 6 JULY 23 @ TDM

Islandman Was born from the musical dreams of Istanbul based musician/producer Tolga Boyuk, Islandman represents a fiction character, a music persona, a dreamer composing the stories of a non -existing place. For this special performance at Theatre de La Mer, Tolga Boyuk will be playing with legendary percussion innovator Okay Temiz, and contemporary saz virtuoso Muhlis Berberoğlu. Expanding beyond their electro-acoustic DJ formula into a wider sound world of experimental instruments, neo-traditional rhythms and folk improvisation, Islandman’s vision on this collaboration seeks to reconnect cerebral downtempo beat-making with the folkloric and ritual bedrock that their music has always rested on.

Joe Claussell dj

Joe Claussell djUSA


The 6 JULY 23 @ TDM

Legendary producer, DJ, and label owner, Joe Claussell stands as one of New York’s best loved figures having released multiple studio albums, remixes, and co-founding Body and Soul in 1996. Now a highly respected name in house music, Claussell combines an ethos of open-mindedness with his trademark fusion of jazz, house, and world sounds.

The Reflex dj

The Reflex djFR



Some call him ‘the wizard’; Noel Gallagher says he’s a genius; some of his devoted YouTube fan base even call him ‘God’! By taking remixing and audio editing to new heights, The Reflex has captured the world’s attention.

Respected by music lovers and DJs worldwide, The Reflex has also gained the trust of the original artists he has remixed, like music legends Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Kid Creole, Kathy Sledge, Bootsy Collins, Jackie Jackson and A-list rock stars Noel Gallagher, Bono and Paul Weller.

Having gathered support from virtually every corner of the industry –

From the tastemakers (Gilles Peterson, Mistajam, Bill Brewster, Lefto) to the heavyweights disco DJs (Joey Negro, DJ Harvey, Dimitri from Paris, Mousse T.); from the top underground jocks (Skream, Eats Everything, Disclosure, Purple Disco Machine) to hip-hop heads (De La Soul, Jazzy Jeff, Rich Medina); from the DJ / remix pioneers (François K, Danny Krivit, Greg Wilson) to ground breaking producers (Patrick Adams, Jimmy Jam, Leroy Burgess); the list of supporters keeps growing. It’s no coincidence that The Reflex has ended up on Barack Obama’s iPod or received the ultimate thumbs up from the legendary ‘Thriller’ and ‘Rock With You’ songwriter Rod Temperton before his passing.

Scarlett O’Malley dj

Scarlett O’Malley djUK


The 5 JULY 23 @ TDM

Scarlett O’Malley brings the energy and enthusiasm of youth combined with a wealth of musical knowledge way beyond her years. Born and raised in West London but now making her mark around Europe, she is a new breed of DJ doing things on her own terms. Her tireless passion for the scene has made her one of online radio’s busiest talents.
She recently featured on The Blessed Madonna’s 6 Music show and has made her own documentary ‘Being Jackie Wilson’ debuted on BBC Radio in 2022.
Scarlett’s music collection is rooted in soul but reaches deep into house, minimal, jazz, funk, and latin.

Secret Night Gang live

Secret Night Gang liveUK


The 4 JULY 23 @ LA OLA

The Manchester combo rekindles the flame of britfunk and street soul with a series of explosive groove tracks.
Acid-jazz, britfunk, street soul, for more than 35 years DJ and producer Gilles Peterson has been exploring all the facets of English groove. It’s not surprising then to see him sign on his label Brownswood Records the young band Secret Night Gang, determined to bring back the festive spirit of the club music of the 80s and 90s. Since the age of 14 multi-instrumentalist Mancs Callum Connell and singer-songwriter Kemani Anderson have shared a love of writing music together. Joined in 2018 by bassist Stuart Whitehead, the artists have been able to develop their shared vision of a groove that is as timeless as it is danceable, where disco blends with soul or jazz-funk.

Shy One dj

Shy One djUK


The 6 JULY 23 @ WF BEACH

Shy One, London-based DJ, gracefully assembles tracks with a wide range of influences, from British hip hop to broken beat and house. She makes a point of selecting styles with catchy rhythms and warm nuances.

Her artistic novation led her to release on the Japanese label Diskotopia as well as Scratcha’s DVA Music and to appear on major London radio stations such as Balamii, Rinse and NTS.

Point of Interest

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We have no words to describe how we feel right now – very proud & excited – we never sold out the passes so fast and without a line up or any artists announced – we can’t express how grateful we are of your trust and faith in what we do with Gilles.

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All passes are now gone.

A batch of single nights tickets for the Theatre de la Mer will be available on monday 27th February at noon (French time) – as you can imagine they will go in a flash.

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Single night tickets available through DICE and the Sète’s Tourism Office Website.